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Four Reasons to Pick Luxury Vinyl Tile

Four Reasons to Pick Luxury Vinyl Tile

Read on for four great reasons to choose luxury vinyl tile for your redesign.

When you’re redesigning your home or even just a single room in your home, you may find that you are overwhelmed by the number of choices to make and the number of options for each choice. Do you want blue walls? Well, there are so many types of blue from which to choose. One area that is ripe with possible options is flooring. There are dozens of strong, beautiful flooring options for every room of your house. One flooring option that doesn’t always get the credit it deserves is luxury vinyl tile (LVT). Many people write it off simply because it is vinyl tile, but they shouldn’t. Read on for four great reasons to choose luxury vinyl tile for your redesign.

The Look

The biggest thing most homeowners think about is the look of the flooring and the cost. When it comes to looks, luxury vinyl tile will blow you away. There are countless possible styles available that can mimic the look of whatever material you’re considering. These tiles even go so far as mimicking the feel of the material. People will have to look hard to realize your wood-look luxury vinyl tile isn’t actual wood.

Luxury Vinyl Tile is Cheaper Than Other Flooring Options

LVT is less expensive than many other flooring materials. This is especially true if you have your heart set on the look of hardwood. In many cases, choosing luxury vinyl tile over hardwood will cut your costs dramatically, sometimes by as much as two-thirds. If you’re re-flooring a large area, those cost savings will add up quickly. LVT can also save you money over using traditional tile products if your style is for something other than wood. Also, you might be able to save on installation with luxury vinyl tile.

The Installation

If you tend to be pretty handy in the DIY-universe, LVT may actually be something you could tackle on your own, saving you the cost of installation. This is because it is much easier to install than many other flooring options. If you’re considering it, talk to your material salesperson to make sure that self-installing won’t void any warranties.

Luxury Vinyl Tile is Durable

Finally, LVT is highly durable. It will stand up to the heavy use of daily life without scratching or ripping. Luxury vinyl flooring is also highly water-resistant and, in some cases, totally waterproof. The biggest issue you may find with LVT is one that you will find with almost any flooring material. Over the years, it may fade, but there are things you can do to prevent fading  somewhat.

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