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How to Maintain Your Luxury Vinyl Tile

How to Maintain Your Luxury Vinyl Tile

Some precautions need to be taken to keep your luxury vinyl tile in good condition.

People love the resilience and modern design of luxury vinyl tile (LVT). The glossy exterior of brand new tile can impress anyone. However, after the initial installation, it’s time to start thinking about maintenance. What’s lovely about luxury vinyl tile is that it’s incredibly durable, and it can hold its own against a variety of factors such as spills, falling objects, and children and pets. However, you still have to be careful with your floor. Some precautions need to be taken to keep your luxury vinyl tile in good condition.

Don’t Drench Your Luxury Vinyl Tile

While you do want to keep your LVT clean, you need to avoid drenching your floor in the process. Just because LVT is resilient, that doesn’t mean it’s impervious to damage, and too much water can cause problems. It can cause the glue that holds down your tiles to loosen and begin to peel. It can also result in stains that can leave your floor looking less appealing than before.

Protect Your Luxury Vinyl Tile With A Doormat

If you don’t already own a doormat, you would be wise to invest in one. Without a doormat, people who enter your home will bring in dirt from outside. Having that extra bit of protection goes a long way with keeping your luxury vinyl tile clean and fresh.

Give Your Furniture Sliders

Putting sliders on your furniture ensures that your luxury vinyl tile won’t get scratched when moving things around your house. Without anything cushioning the legs of your furniture, moving things around will cause your floor to sustain scratches. It’s best to take precautions and put the sliders in place now so that you don’t accidentally damage your floor later.

Grab a Broom

Even after you get the right cleaning supplies for your floor and get the doormats you’ll need, it’s still important to give your floor a proper sweeping every once in a while. Use a broom to sweep up dirt you see accumulating around your floor, and your floor will thank you later.

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