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Carpeting Can Make Rooms Look Larger

Choosing Carpeting That Makes Your Room Appear Larger

Use these carpeting design tricks to make your smaller rooms look larger.

Carpeting can change the way you view your room. Depending on the carpet you choose, you can either feel like you have more space than you thought, or you can feel as though the walls are slowly closing in on you. With the right decorating tips, you can help a smaller room appear much larger than it may actually be. Use these carpeting design tricks to make your smaller rooms look larger.

Carpeting Patterns

When you are in a tiny room, the patterns on your carpet need a lot of visual processing. The visual activity that takes place in the brain results in you feeling like the room is smaller. To alleviate this feeling, go with carpeting that has a clear and unobtrusive pattern to it. Such an example includes the tone-on-tone carpeting. These patterns have very subtle shading methods that don’t distract people from other features your room has to offer.

Enlarging Your Space

Smaller rooms do better with subdued carpeting. Those are the types of carpets that complement furnishings better, which helps make the room feel larger and fuller. Small dens and home offices do well with subdued carpeting because of all of the foot traffic those rooms bring in. For those of you who have small bedrooms, textured and plush carpets are the way to go. Also known as cut and pile in the trade, these carpets can be used throughout the house. If you go with identical carpeting, it can make the rooms you put them in appear larger and more coordinated.

Carpeting Colors

Once you’ve decided on carpeting for your room(s), you need to pick out colors. Neutral and light colors work best for smaller rooms because they don’t absorb light; instead, they reflect this light. Because the light gets reflected, the space in the room appears to be larger. You should also go with carpeting that matches your walls and paint. This will also make the room seem bigger. The color you pick can also influence the mood you feel while in the room. For example, blue and green colors help make a room feel more serene.

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