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Prevent Luxury Vinyl Tile From Fading

Keep Your Luxury Vinyl Tile From Fading With These Tips

Here are some tips for keeping your luxury vinyl tile from fading.

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is stylish and affordable compared to other types of flooring on the market. However, while it is a durable option, it is susceptible to fading as time goes on. Opportunely, there are ways to keep your luxury vinyl tile looking like new. Here are some tips for keeping your luxury vinyl tile from fading.

Window Coverings Protect Luxury Vinyl Tile

Sunlight is one of the primary factors contributing to fading. This means that, by installing the right window coverings, you can preserve your luxury vinyl tile. Window coverings can block out sunlight and protect not only your floor but any furniture in the room as well. It also doesn’t hurt that window coverings help with your home’s insulation.

Move Your Furniture

As time goes on, luxury vinyl tile is more likely to fade. That’s a factor that can’t be avoided forever. But if you move furniture around, the fading can be more tolerable because the floor will fade more evenly instead of leaving spots around your house less faded than others. It can also change the look and feel of your room, which can be refreshing for your house.

Use the Proper Cleaners for your Luxury Vinyl Tile

Not all cleaners work with LVT. If you choose the wrong cleaner, it can make your floor fade, or even cause damage. Also, when you’re mopping your floor, you should mop the entire floor, even if only a certain spot is dirty. This is because, if you mop one spot more frequently than the rest of the floor, it will wear more quickly and stand out against the rest of your floor.

Have Additional Tiles On-Hand

One of the perks of LVT is that you don’t have to replace the whole floor if something gets damaged; you only have to replace the individual pieces. If you buy extra tiles, you can replace any worn or faded areas as they pop up. It’s advised that you purchase tiles well ahead of time in case the tile you use ends up going out of production one day.

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