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Tips For Choosing The Best Carpet

Tips For Choosing The Best Carpet

Here are a few tips to help you decide how to choose the best carpet for your space.

There’s no feeling quite like the comforting touch of a soft luxurious carpet. The style and color of your carpeting can alter the atmosphere of your room, transforming a cozy children’s play place into a formal dwelling for business purposes. On the other hand, choosing unappealing carpeting can make your room look unappealing and uninviting. Here are a few tips to help you decide how to choose the best carpet for your space.

Start with Padding

While the padding may not be visible after its installation, it’s still a vital component of the carpet. Padding is used to support the carpet, and offer it strength and cushioning. You’ll find that padding is usually made from foam or rubber materials. It evens out the imperfections of the subflooring, while simultaneously insulating the floor. The most important thing, though, is that padding prevents backing and fibers in the carpet from loosening, which helps preserve it for many years.

Consider Various Styles

Carpets come in many different styles, from plush to textured to frieze. These are terms used to describe the surface of the carpet that is made from yarn tufts that get folded into loops, cut straight, or even both. Instead of fixating on a carpet’s appearance, think about how it works with your lifestyle. For example, you might like plush carpeting and feel you want it in every room in your house. You believe this until you learn that plush carpeting leaves footprints and vacuum tracks behind. So a plush carpet would be best reserved for casual rooms, such as the basement or family room. In places of your house that are high-traffic areas, high-pile carpeting is preferred because it is easier to clean, and it doesn’t show footprints.

Consider Color And Pattern

The color and pattern of a carpet can completely change the look and feel of your room. There are so many choices that it can almost be overwhelming. Color helps set the mood of a room. The important thing is that you don’t draw too much attention to the carpet. You want your carpet to highlight the other features of the room rather than highlight the carpet itself. For this reason, people go with neutral colors. They are safe and complement practically anything. If you want an extra designer touch, you could go with a cut-loop or shear carpet.

Patterns are great for giving your room a more tailored look. If used excessively, patterns can easily overwhelm a person, but if used appropriately, it can make your room look more impressive and refined. Try to find a design that complements the items in your room.

Advice On Stairs

Buying carpeting for stairs isn’t the same as purchasing carpeting for other areas of your house. Carpeting on stairs suffers a great deal of wear and has to bend over every step. You’re better off investing in a cut pile for stair carpeting than a looped pile. This is because looped pile carpeting opens up over spaces where it curls over the stairs. This results in “grinning,” which is the revealing of carpet backing. Also, loops usually snag.

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