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The Benefits of Having Carpet in Your Household

Carpet is versatile, going from casual to luxurious.

One tough decision for a homeowner is choosing between hardwood flooring and carpeting. Mike’s Flooring & Design Center are experts at installing both hardwood floors and carpet, but how do you decide? Any flooring option has its pros and cons. What it narrows down to is what you like as far as style and maintenance. Carpet is versatile, going from casual to luxurious. Mike’s Flooring & Design Centers lays down four types of carpeting: Plush, Loop/Berger, Patterned, and Frieze. These carpets also come in a multitude of colors, so there’s plenty of choices.  If you’re wondering if carpeting is the right choice for you, keep reading to learn about its benefits.


Interior design magazines often show off carpeting because it’s highly stylish. Due to a carpet’s versatility, it can add flair to any home and highlight your unique design style. Regardless of if your home is traditional or modern, there’s always a carpet for you. Patterned rugs are ideal for a formal room while a Frieze carpet works well for a more casual setting.

Carpets Are Comfortable

If you desire to feel like you’re walking on air, then invest in a Plush carpet. Carpeting is soft and smooth on your feet after a long workday. If your job involves manual labor, then you know how much it hurts to walk around on concrete all day. Carpets have shock absorption, making it less painful for you to walk or lay.

Carpets Help With Insulation

Due to carpets being so warm, they help to insulate a room. Reducing heat loss not only means that your body will be warmer, but you’ll save money on your energy bills.


Have you ever noticed that a room seems louder when there is no carpet? Sound can bounce off the wall of a room with no carpet. Hardwood floors don’t absorb sound the way that carpets do. If you want your environment to be a little quieter, then a carpeted surface may be better for you.

Safety Matters

Sometimes hard surfaces can be slippery. If you were to fall, a carpet helps you land softly, preventing as much injury, especially on the steps. If you are living with an older person or your child likes to run around and play, carpeting is optimal.


Mike’s Carpet Connection has worked with hotels, restaurants and offices throughout Sussex County, DE and Delmarva to create the perfect space by selecting the perfect floor. Our residential options are available in a different grade for commercial spaces; allowing the same décor, quality and character you will find in homes.

Helping businesses for over 25 years, Mike’s Carpet Connection is a partner for your business and the community. Our experts want to help your business set the stage for your clients. Call us at (302) 537-1899 to schedule your on-site appointment and let us work our magic. Also, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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