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Ten Things To Know About Luxury Vinyl Tile

Ten Things You Should Know About Luxury Vinyl Tile

Take a look at the various aspects of luxury vinyl tile that make it a phenomenal flooring option.

If you’re thinking of getting new flooring for a room in your house, hopefully, you have luxury vinyl tile as a consideration for your floor. Luxury vinyl tile has more to offer than you may expect. Take a look at the various aspects of luxury vinyl tile that make it a phenomenal flooring option.

It’s A Chameleon

Luxury vinyl tile has a fantastic ability to be designed to look like other materials. You can have it built to look like ceramic tile, natural stone, or hardwood.

It Has Range

In addition to looking like other floorings, this type of tile can be designed with all sorts of different colors, patterns, and textures. The possibilities for your flooring seem to have no ceiling.


There is nearly no upkeep required for luxury vinyl tile. All you need to do is sweep it or maybe use a damp mop every now and then, and your floor will look fantastic for many years.

It’s Soft And Comfortable

Luxury vinyl tile has a little give to it, which could save a piece of glassware if you happen to drop one. It also takes a toll off your back, which is especially important when you’re standing for a long time, which could occur in a room like a kitchen.

It’s Warmer

When the weather gets cold, sometimes your floor feels more frigid too. Things are different with luxury vinyl tile. This flooring stays warmer than other options, making it more bearable in those brutal bone-chilling winter months.

It’s Essentially Waterproof

The flooring is almost entirely waterproof, the only exception being the seams. This makes it a great flooring choice for moist rooms like the bathroom and kitchen.

It’s a Stain Fighter

This style of tile is resistant to spills that, with other flooring materials, would otherwise cause stains. This is mostly in part due to its moisture resistance. It’s harder to stain the floor if it doesn’t soak in moisture.

It’s Durable

The flooring’s top layer can handle a considerable amount of abuse. This helps make it resistant to wear and tear while also helps it to fight stains. With such a durable floor, it will last for a long time.

It’s Flexible

While it’s called luxury vinyl tile, the shape of the tiles isn’t the only way to make use of this flooring. You can also get it in planks, which extends the realm of possibilities you have. It’s also a type of tile that can work in rooms that are below the ground.

It’s Affordable

Luxury vinyl tile also comes with the luxury of being offered at an affordable price. It can be hard building up a budget for floors made of natural stone or hardwood. With this type of flooring, you can have that same aesthetic at a price that is more to your liking.

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