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Common Problems Carpets Face and Ways to Resolve Those Problems

Common Problems Carpets Face and Ways to Resolve Those Problems

Learn everything necessary about problems with carpets and their solutions.

So many homes have at least one room that is carpeted. A nice, plush carpet can be such an enjoyable type of flooring to have in the house, so it’s easy to understand why so many people have carpets. Still, we all know that there are some issues that come with carpeting, and it’s important that homeowners know what the potential issues are and how to resolve them if one pops up. Learn everything necessary about problems with carpets and their solutions.

Rippling or Buckling

Any signs of rippling or buckling indicate that the carpet may have been installed improperly. This can happen if an installer doesn’t stretch the carpet beforehand using a power stretcher. It’s an important part of the installation process that ensures carpets will hold their shape. If you have concerns with rippling or buckling, you’ll need to bring in a professional installer and have them stretch your carpet and reinstall it.

Faded Colors

No matter what, carpets are going to begin to dull in their colors over the years. This is mainly due to exposure to sunlight. You can prevent this from happening by using curtains or blinds that are thick enough or made of the right materials to block out the sun. If your carpet has started to fade a bit, give it a good vacuuming and then add small amounts of hot salt water. Let it dry and then vacuum again, and you may restore some of the color.

Tears and Holes

Physically damaged carpets are unsightly and stressful. It could be the case that seams will split between your carpet if installed improperly, or you may just develop holes, tears, and burn marks over the years. While this isn’t something you can DIY, a professional can come in and repair your carpet, either via patching or by using a carpet steaming iron to fix seams.


Frayed carpets can happen naturally over time, but you want to tackle this issue as quickly as you can, otherwise, it will end up getting worse. You can snip the frays to match the height of the rest of the carpeting, but if you’re unsure how or are dealing with larger frays, you will want to call in a professional.

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