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Finding the Best Type of Carpeting for You

Finding the Best Type of Carpeting for You

We will be going over four types of carpeting material you should consider setting up in your house.

There are all sorts of carpeting options available these days. All carpets can bring distinction to the rooms of your home, but not all carpets are built the same way. The carpeting you pick should complement the other attributes of your room. We will be going over four types of carpeting material you should consider setting up in your house.

Plush Carpeting

Plush carpeting is one of the softer options out there. Its soft texture makes it great for families with small children because, for young kids learning to walk, they have a soft surface to cushion them if they were to fall. It also has a sophisticated look to it, which makes it popular among many consumers.

Plush carpeting is highly durable and comes in many styles, meaning you can use it in many rooms. These carpets are most often used in bedrooms and rooms with high volumes of foot traffic. You can get plush carpets in organic and synthetic styles.

Loop/Berger Carpet

The name “loop/berger” is derived from how it’s put together. The yarn gets looped and fastened against the backing of the carpet. These carpets are unique because of the designs that are made with the varying loop heights. However, they are just as functional as they are attractive. This style of carpeting is durable and can withstand a lot of foot traffic.

Patterned Carpeting

Patterned carpeting is a beautiful flooring option that can give any room a centerpiece of attention or simply add more design to it. The design and texture options for patterned carpeting are seemingly limitless, so you’re sure to find a style that goes best with you and your house.

What’s more is that they’re easy to clean and maintain, so you can retain their elegant appearance for a long time.

Frieze Carpets

Frieze carpeting has long fibers with twists in them. This makes them give off a textured look. These carpets are popular because they have a soft feel to them. They’re also great for masking dirt that gets on them, and they are highly durable. If you want flooring that can hide dirt and vacuum lines well, among other things, this might be the carpeting choice for you.

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