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Benefits of Using Wood Tile in Your Home

Wood tile is an alternative that you may not have known was available

A homeowner can become overwhelmed as they prepare to remodel their home. With so many flooring options, it may become hard to narrow down on a single choice. Luckily, there are experts such as us here at Mike’s Flooring & Design Center that can find the right flooring fit for you. We give you a multitude of options when it comes to carpet, hardwood, and tile. Usually, homeowners make the great debate over carpet versus hardwood flooring. Both are excellent choices, but wood tile is an alternative that you may not have known was available. Keep reading for the benefits of using wood tiling in your home.

Wood Tiling is Versatile

Wood tiling takes on the appearance of wood, but in fact, it’s not! It comes in a multitude of styles, sizes, and colors that will seamlessly blend in with your home decor. Whether your home is classic or modern, large or small, there are no limits. We offer ceramic and porcelain wood tile options. Wood tiling complements bedrooms, family rooms, and living spaces, making it functional in almost any room!

Easy to Clean

Wood tiling is even easier to clean than a hardwood floor! There’s no need to stress about staining, polishing, or sanding the wood tiles. Cleaning maintenance involves using your mop, and the flooring will be as good as new!  Make sure not to use abrasive cleaners in your water solution.


Wood tiling made from porcelain can take on the warm aesthetics of wood. However, the material is cool to the touch and will make your home more energy-efficient during the warmer seasons. If you want your wood tiles to heat the house, we do have the option of adding in an underside heating element.

Less Water Damage

One downfall to anything made from wood is that water damage can cause the wood to rot if not treated properly. Because wood tiling is a hardwood lookalike, you won’t have to worry about moisture damaging its appearance or making maintenance upkeep tough. If you plan on utilizing wood tiling in your kitchen or bathroom area, you’ll feel secure about the flooring’s durability.


Mike’s Carpet Connection has worked with hotels, restaurants and offices throughout Sussex County, DE and Delmarva to create the perfect space by selecting the perfect floor. Our residential options are available in a different grade for commercial spaces; allowing the same décor, quality and character you will find in homes.

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