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Pattern Ideas For Your Luxury Vinyl Tile

Pattern Ideas For Your Luxury Vinyl Tile

Here are some pattern ideas that your luxury vinyl tile could have.

Picking out the right design for your luxury vinyl tile is a long process. You have to decide if the style will be simple or extravagant. You need to consider the furnishings in the area, and you also have to consider what feel you want the area to have. Once you commit to a style, it’s hard if you want to get that style changed again, so you want to be certain that you’ve made the right decision. Here are some pattern ideas that your luxury vinyl tile could have.

Grid Style

This design is very straightforward. It has horizontal and vertical points that are put into continuous alignment with each other. It’s a pattern that is fairly universal as it can fit many different areas well.


This is another design with universal implications. Offset-style, or running brand as it is sometimes called, does exactly what the design name suggests: it offsets patterns so that they aren’t in full alignment with each other. The patterns are offset by roughly one-half of the tile’s width.

Usually, people use this pattern when they have rectangular floor tiles, though some people use it with planks if that’s what kind of floor they want.


This is a type of offset pattern people enjoy using as well. Rather than having tiles at 90-degree angles, the diagonal pattern shifts tiles so that they are at a 45-degree angle. This can give a room a more multi-dimensional feel to it, giving your room a feeling of more overall depth. There is a unique feel that people get from using diagonal patterns for their luxury vinyl tile.


Using a weave pattern for your luxury vinyl tile, you can get all kinds of woven-style varieties that work well with rectangular floor tiles. This can give an illusion of movement within your stationary room.


Lastly, you could go with a random pattern for your luxury vinyl tile. With this style, there wouldn’t be any specific pattern that your tiles follow. It adds versatility to your room and can be great if you aren’t going for a uniform look.

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