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Maintenance Tips for Luxury Vinyl Tile

Maintenance Tips for Luxury Vinyl Tile

Today, we will discuss maintenance tips you should use to keep your luxury vinyl tile looking good.

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT)  is a flooring option that is gaining traction at a steady rate throughout the United States. It’s easy to see why, given its proven longevity, durability, and abundance of design options. There is practically no limit to what you can do with LVT, but as great as it is, there is still some maintenance that comes with these floors. Today, we will discuss maintenance tips you should use to keep your luxury vinyl tile looking good.

Standard Floor Care

If you want your luxury vinyl tile to stay in good condition, it starts with preventative measures. This means you want to keep your floor from ever getting dirty in the first place. To help keep dirt away from your floor, you should put mats at every entrance your house has. The mats will trap the dirt before it has a chance to get tracked into your home.

Daily Maintenance for Luxury Vinyl Tile

Try as we might, our floors are still going to get a little messy. That’s why, every day, you should take a moment to perform a few standard maintenance routines. A quick sweeping of the floors is always a good place to start, preferably with a broom or dust mop. Afterward, you can take a mild floor cleaner and use it with a dampened mop to clean up whatever spills may have been made on your floor.

Because of the traits LVT has, it is gaining traction as a popular flooring choice. It has the makings of longevity, durability, and beauty, but without proper care, it won’t perform well for too long. Fortunately if you are proactive with cleaning LVT, it isn’t too hard to maintain. Even getting the needed materials isn’t too tough.


Any kind of floor is going to get dirty with enough time, but you should do your best to keep dirt out whenever possible. Dirt prevention starts with well-placed doormats, which should be at all entrances to your house.


Some of the most effective floor cleaning tools are a simple mop and some water. If you notice any spills, address them immediately. Cleaning your LVT can be done, but you should keep these dos and don’ts in mind while doing so.


  • Use a dry mop or vacuum to scoop up dirt. Make sure you address as many spots as you can, including beneath furniture. After that, you can use a damp mop.
  • If you have an exceptionally messy floor, a little dish detergent can be used to help mop up the mess. Once that’s done, feel free to mop the area again, this time with water and vinegar. This is done to rid your floors of any soapy remnants.
  • Soft-bristled brushes are also useful for addressing stains.
  • If you are dealing with stains, regardless of what the stain is, you should always finish the job with a soft cloth and some water.
  • If you want to keep your floor from getting scratched when moving furniture, you should place plywood sheets underneath every piece of furniture you plan to move.


  • When you’re cleaning your luxury vinyl tile, don’t use cleaning products unless you’re sure they won’t damage your floor in the process.
  • Don’t use your vacuum’s beater bar attachment when running your vacuum along your floor because it can cause further damage.
  • To avoid dulling your LVT, don’t use any high pH cleaners, or scrubbers with high abrasiveness.
  • Don’t polish LVT.
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