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Figuring Out the Right Size for Carpeting in Different Rooms of Your Home

Figuring Out the Right Size for Carpeting in Different Rooms of Your Home

Here is what you can do to figure out what size your carpeting should be.

Area rugs are perfect for bringing a room together. They help to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere for anyone who enters your room. The only concern will be the size of the carpet you pick. If you don’t pick the right size for your carpeting, it can completely ruin the mood you want your room to set. Here is what you can do to figure out what size your carpeting should be.

Carpets For Living Rooms

Generally speaking, you’ll want to cover up all of the floor space in the area. For larger rooms, larger carpeting is recommended, and for small rooms, you can use a smaller carpet. For any furniture, your room has, make sure that it can all fit on the carpet. Sometimes, with smaller rooms, this isn’t a realistic option because the furniture has to go against the walls. In this scenario, it’s fine for you to get only the front legs of your furniture onto the carpet.

Carpeting For Dining Rooms

If you use carpeting in your dining room, you want the rug to be large enough to fit your chairs and dining table. As a safety precaution, your carpet should go at least 2 feet past the edges of your dining table. This helps to make sure your furniture doesn’t get ensnared by the edges of your carpet.

Carpets For Bedrooms

You have a few different carpeting choices for bedrooms. You could go with a larger carpet, and if you do, it should be able to fit the entirety of your bed on it. Perhaps, though, you want to go with a smaller option. If this is you, consider getting a pair of smaller carpets, then put one on each side of your bed.

Carpeting For Kitchens

Carpets do a great job of bringing color into the room. For smaller kitchens, you can go with a runner that goes across the entire length of the room.

If you have a larger kitchen, it’s fine to use small rugs in front of your sinks. Consider placing carpets in spots that get a lot of foot traffic. It’s this extra bit of carpeting that can help make your kitchen feel more warm and welcoming.

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