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Hardwood flooring is a popular choice for many homes and businesses due to its unparalleled beauty and classic aesthetic appeal. However, the material has maintenance requirements and drawbacks that can make some home and business owners think twice. Areas that are often exposed to moisture or high foot traffic can be less than ideal for hardwood flooring installation. Fortunately, waterproof luxury vinyl plank allows Sussex County, DE residents to enjoy the beauty of wood with the low maintenance requirements and water-resistance of vinyl. The design and installation professionals at Mike’s Flooring & Design Center are standing by to provide top-notch services to residential and commercial customers in Sussex County, DE.

Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Plank in Sussex County, DE

Waterproof luxury vinyl plank installation combines the beauty of wood with the low maintenance requirements and water-resistance of vinyl. Mike’s Flooring & Design Center is pleased to offer a variety of flooring services to our valued clients in Sussex County, DE.

Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Plank Combines Durability and Aesthetic Appeal

While many home and business owners admire the look of natural wood, the material isn’t always suited to some residential and commercial environments. Wood can be dented, scratched, or scuffed through heavy daily use, and termites and water can cause significant damage. For those who want the look of natural wood without the rigorous cleaning and maintenance routine, waterproof luxury vinyl plank is an excellent option. Vinyl plank is designed to emulate the look of natural wood, and manufacturers have made massive strides in terms of the material’s appearance and performance.

Install Water-Resistant Flooring Where You Need it Most

One of the most desirable features of this material (aside from its stunning appearance) is its ability to resist water damage. Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways, waterproof luxury vinyl plank is resistant to warping, cracking, and rotting due to moist conditions. Water-resistant flooring is an excellent choice for areas that are frequently exposed to moisture, but its easy-to-clean surface and low maintenance requirements also make it an asset in any part of the home.

Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Plank Installation

Compared to many other materials, installing manufactured plank flooring is a breeze. Vinyl is easily cut, making installation in tight areas or awkward corners incredibly straightforward. The material is also much more cost-effective than other high-end flooring options, making installation feasible for a wide range of projects and applications. Contact the experts at Mike’s Flooring & Design Center to learn more about waterproof luxury vinyl plank installation and our other products and services.

Contact Mike’s Flooring & Design Center

Since Mike purchased the business in 1996, he and his team have helped families like yours throughout Delmarva, Sussex County, DE, and Ocean City, MD. Mike continues to be involved in the day-to-day operations, ensuring the vision you share is the one we help deliver.

Over the years, we’ve established relationships with local manufacturers, including COREtec Luxury Vinyl Plank, Adura and AduraMAX by Mannington. Our team will continue to be your point of contact through the entire process to be sure you are completely satisfied.

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