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Tips for Choosing Carpeting for your Home

Tips for Choosing Carpeting for your Home

Use these tips to help you choose the best carpeting for you and your home.

There’s nothing quite like the touch of carpeting under your feet. Carpeting offers your children a safe place to play, and can even lower the chances of getting injured in the event of a fall. Carpets may require more upkeep than tile, but it’s worth having around the house.

There are many carpets you can pick, ranging in colors, designs, and materials from which they are made. With all of these options, it can feel overwhelming trying to pick the best carpet for your needs. Use these tips to help you choose the best carpeting for you and your home.

Don’t Go Over Budget

You don’t have to spend too much money to get great carpeting. Find a carpet that matches your lifestyle and your wallet. Be sure to separate the pricing for materials and installation. This way you can compare different suppliers more easily.

It helps your budget when you pick the best carpet for every room of the house. As an example, stain-resistant carpeting is probably worth the investment for high-traffic areas of your home, while cheaper, low-traffic carpets are fine for rooms that don’t fill up often, like the guest rooms.

Maintenance expenses are also worth noting. Go with carpet tile if you have small children or pets. This lets you replace individual tiles when incidents occur rather than being forced to replace the entire room.

Be Careful with Stairs

Carpeting for stairs has to be handled differently from your flooring because stairs get a great deal of wear, and the carpeting needs to be bent along the edges of every step. We recommend going with a cut-pile carpet rather than a looped pile. Spaces in the loops of loop-pile carpets will create a “grinning” effect, which is when the carpet starts curling over the stairs.

You also need to consider the density of the carpet you choose. If your carpet is too thin, you might see the backing of your carpet after you curve it along the stairs, and that isn’t pleasant to see.

Compare Colors and Patterns

It’s tough deciding on carpeting with so many different colors and patterns available today. But you can make your choice easier by deciding on shades first to match the mood you want for each room in your house. Light colors can make your room seem larger, while warm colors can create a cozy atmosphere.

You could go with a neutral shade, but that should be decided based on if your carpet is the focal point of the room. You can use a neutral shade if you have a focal point for your room. It can be anything from the walls to your furniture, as long as something attracts attention in the room. This way, the room won’t feel monotone and dull.

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