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Plush Carpet in Ocean City, MD

Few things are as relaxing as feeling a plush carpet beneath your feet. Whether you are lying on the floor reading a book or are simply walking from one place to another, the feeling of soft fibers beneath you can instantly make you feel relaxed and welcome. This type of flooring isn’t just great to feel — with all of the colors and styles available, Ocean City, MD home and business owners can choose the exact type of carpet they need. Keep reading to learn more about plush carpet installation for homes and businesses in Ocean City!

Does your Sussex County, DE home or business need plush carpet installation? Contact the team at Mike’s Flooring & Design Center for expert design and installation services!

What is Plush Carpet?

When many people think of carpets, they think of thick shag rugs. However, this isn’t the only style of carpet around. Pile height refers to the length of the fibers in a rug, and short-pile rugs often have a firmer, tighter feel to them. On the other hand, plush carpet typically features longer, softer fibers that compress and feel soft underfoot. These types of flooring materials can lend a welcoming, laid-back, and comfortable feel to any commercial or residential space.

Plush Carpet is Ideal for All Kinds of Spaces

Plush carpet installation is common in residential spaces like bedrooms, living rooms, and dens. Homeowners can use one type of rug to unify their entire home’s design, or they can mix and match colors and textures throughout. Still, many commercial properties can also make use of this comfortable material. Hotels often use carpet to make their guests feel more at home, and any kind of commercial space can utilize the right kind of rug. This is particularly true of materials with built-in stain protection.

Manufacturers Offer a Wide Range of Colors and Styles

Today’s home and business owners have a virtually endless array of colors, styles, and textures to choose from with regard to plush carpet. Manufacturers often compete to produce the softest, easiest to clean, and most colorfast materials, and consumers are the ones who benefit. Choose from subtle beiges, bright hues, and multicolored patterns that can complete the look of your room, and make sure to consider added features like stain protection! No matter what kind of plush carpet you choose, the expert designers and installation professionals at Mike’s Flooring & Design Center can help you make your dream a reality.

Contact Mike’s Flooring & Design Center

Since Mike purchased the business in 1996, he and his team have helped families like yours throughout Delmarva, Sussex County, DE, and Ocean City, MD. Mike continues to be involved in the day-to-day operations, ensuring the vision you share is the one we help deliver.

Over the years, we’ve established relationships with local manufacturers, including Shaw Carpet, Mohawk Carpet and Dream Weaver Carpet, Godfrey Hirst & Phenix. Our team will continue to be your point of contact through the entire process to be sure you are completely satisfied.

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