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Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet in Selbyville, DE

Few things are better than coming home and feeling a fresh, clean rug beneath your feet. On the other hand, few things are worse than stepping into an unexpected wet spot on your floors. Pets, children, and plumbing can always keep you guessing, which makes some home and business owners understandably hesitant to install carpet for their Selbyville, DE properties. Fortunately, the brightest minds in flooring have come up with Mohawk SmartStrand carpet! Keep reading to learn more about this revolutionary flooring product — and, of course, how the team at Mike’s Flooring & Design Center can help you install it.

Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet in Bethany Beach, DE

Are you constantly fighting pet stains and other messes? Mohawk SmartStrand carpet installation is a fantastic choice for home and business owners in Sussex County, DE.

Why Choose Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet?

Home and business owners in Selbyville have countless flooring options, so why do so many of them choose Mohawk SmartStrand carpet installation from Mike’s Flooring & Design Center? For starters, this material contains powerful stain-repellant technology. Homes with kids and pets are no longer limited to wall-to-wall hard flooring or a lifetime battle between stains and cleaning products. Each fiber features stain-resistant technology that is permanent and will not fade or get washed away. This material isn’t just practical; it’s comfortable, too. Why sacrifice comfort for stain-resistant floors when you don’t have to?

Combine Stain-Resistance with Aesthetic Appeal

If you’re a parent, pet owner, or business owner, you don’t have to resign yourself to unsightly floors or protective mats. Mohawk SmartStrand carpet doesn’t just feature stain resistance in each fiber; it also comes in a stunning range of colors and styles. Choose from elaborate patterns, various pile heights, and countless colors. Whether you’re looking to renovate an office, a high-end hotel, or a single-family home, the team at Mike’s Flooring & Design Center can help you find the perfect stain-resistant solution.

Save Your Floors with Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet Installation

If your floors are prone to spills and stains, you likely encounter all kinds of daily frustrations. Dirty floors can drive many homeowners mad, and visitors and clients won’t be wowed by errant stains and discoloration. Mohawk SmartStrand carpet installation can help you transform your home, regain the confidence of your visitors, and make an excellent first impression on everyone you welcome. There are countless perks to installing new flooring for your Selbyville home or business, and getting to walk on good-looking floors is just one of them.

Contact Mike’s Flooring & Design Center

Since Mike purchased the business in 1996, he and his team have helped families like yours throughout Delmarva, Sussex County, DE, and Ocean City, MD. Mike continues to be involved in the day-to-day operations, ensuring the vision you share is the one we help deliver.

Over the years, we’ve established relationships with local manufacturers, including Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet, Dream Weaver Carpet, Godfrey Hirst, & Phenix Carpet. Our team will continue to be your point of contact through the entire process to be sure you are completely satisfied.

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