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Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet in Bethany Beach, DE

Plush carpet used to be a luxury that some home and business owners simply couldn’t afford. While the material itself is affordable, active households and busy commercial properties can quickly ruin a plush rug, leading many property owners to avoid the material altogether. However, modern advancements in manufacturing and stain resistance have resulted in a few flooring options that provide plush comfort and stain-resistant flooring, all in one convenient package. Mohawk SmartStrand carpet installation is ideal for all kinds of Bethany Beach, DE properties, especially those that regularly host pets, kids, and other messy visitors!

Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet in Ocean View, DE

Do you need comfortable, stain-resistant floors in Sussex County, DE? Mike’s Flooring & Design Center offers Mohawk SmartStrand carpet installation for commercial and residential spaces.

Why Home and Business Owners Choose Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet Installation

Whether you’re a homeowner who wants to feel the softness of a plush rug beneath your feet after a long day or you’re a business owner trying to provide comfort to guests in a practical way, you’re likely looking for beautiful, comfortable carpet that you can keep clean. Mohawk SmartStrand carpet installation is ideal for all kinds of properties due to the material’s stain-resistant technology. Each fiber contains Mohawk’s stain-repellent technology, keeping your carpets clean in even the most challenging environments.

Choose From a Wide Range of Colors and Styles

Mohawk SmartStrand carpet comes in all kinds of styles and colors that can suit any home or business. From plush frieze offerings to elegant and modern patterns, home and business owners can choose the perfect style for each room. Mohawk also offers each style in a few different shades, allowing you to find the best match for your furniture, window treatments, and walls. Allow the expert designers at Mike’s Flooring & Design Center to help you create the best possible version of your space with these stunning options!

Get Comfortable, Stain-Resistant Floors with Ease with Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet Installation

Unlike some other stain-resistant flooring options, this material combines stain-repellent technology with unmatched comfort in every fiber. Installation is a breeze, too! Because it can be cut easily, this material is perfect for spaces with awkward angles or tight corners. Our installation professionals will work with you to take all of the hassles out of the project, making installation a snap!

Contact Mike’s Flooring & Design Center

Since Mike purchased the business in 1996, he and his team have helped families like yours throughout Delmarva, Sussex County, DE, and Ocean City, MD. Mike continues to be involved in the day-to-day operations, ensuring the vision you share is the one we help deliver.

Over the years, we’ve established relationships with local manufacturers, including Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet, Dream Weaver Carpet & Shaw Carpet, and Phenix Carpet. Our team will continue to be your point of contact through the entire process to be sure you are completely satisfied.

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