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Home and business owners alike deserve the absolute best when it comes to flooring materials for their properties in Rehoboth Beach, DE. For facilities that require timeless elegance and unmatched durability, COREtec luxury vinyl plank installation is an excellent choice. The team at Mike’s Flooring & Design Center is committed to providing top-of-the-line materials and service, and COREtec luxury vinyl plank fits that bill. Consider luxury vinyl flooring installation to transform the look and feel of your Rehoboth Beach property.

COREtec Luxury Vinyl Plank in Rehoboth Beach, DE

COREtec luxury vinyl plank installation is an excellent way to transform your Sussex County, DE home or business. The team at Mike’s Flooring & Design Center is proud to offer luxury vinyl plank installation and more to our residential and commercial clients.

COREtec Luxury Vinyl Plank Blends Water-Resistance, Durability, and Visual Appeal

For Rehoboth Beach homes and businesses, few things are more critical than water-resistant and durable flooring. Delawareans are accustomed to rain and snow, and folks in Rehoboth Beach are no stranger to sand and saltwater. These substances, when tracked indoors, can wreak havoc on all kinds of flooring. Wood flooring, while beautiful, can warp and rot when exposed to moisture. Fortunately, COREtec luxury vinyl plank is resistant to water damage. While this alone is an attractive feature, COREtec luxury vinyl plank also boasts a wide array of beautiful colors and designs.

Endless Options to Match Any Interior Design

Because luxury vinyl plank is a synthetic material, it is available in an astonishing number of colors, styles, and finishes. This manufacturer alone produces flooring that emulates the look of oak, walnut, maple, acacia, and many more. In addition to the full range of wood species, COREtec offers plenty of colors and features to provide the best possible flooring for your home or business. The team at Mike’s Flooring & Design Center is standing by to help both residential and commercial clients choose and install the perfect flooring for any space.

Upgrade Your Facility With Luxury Vinyl Plank Installation

If your floors could use some work, contact the experts at Mike’s Flooring & Design Center. Our design team will work with you to create a flooring plan that enhances the look of your property, and our installation professionals make the process easy. Luxury vinyl plank installation is often much simpler than installing wood; this is because the planks are easier to cut and fit into small spaces. With Mike’s Flooring, you can rest assured that your home or business will look its best!

Contact Mike’s Flooring & Design Center

Since Mike purchased the business in 1996, he and his team have helped families like yours throughout Delmarva, Sussex County, DE, and Ocean City, MD. Mike continues to be involved in the day-to-day operations, ensuring the vision you share is the one we help deliver.

Over the years, we’ve established relationships with local manufacturers including COREtec Luxury Vinyl Plank, Adura and AduraMAX by Mannington. Our team will continue to be your point of contact through the entire process to be sure you are completely satisfied.

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