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5 Mistakes Made Choosing Window Coverings

5 Mistakes Made When Choosing Window Coverings

Be sure to avoid making the following mistakes when choosing window coverings for your house.

No one likes bare windows, so often we try finding something to add a little color without considering the functionality, home style, personal style, or texture, among other things. Sometimes, hasty decisions made on widow coverings can be counterproductive to you.  Be sure to avoid making the following mistakes when choosing window coverings for your house.

Leaving Windows Bare

Doing nothing is a mistake. Even if you’re overwhelmed by all of the available options, bare windows are never a good idea. You have less privacy, less temperature control, and the room feels more empty. Windows are a great focal point, and a bare window just looks awkward. Along with some paint, new window coverings are an easy way to completely change the look and feel of your room.

Choosing Hardware That’s Plain, Inappropriate, Or That Doesn’t Match

You have a lot of choices for window coverings, but not every one of them will be suited for your home. Traditional homes might clash with modern window coverings. Also, the wrong hardware could be bad for the window coverings if they are unable to handle the weight. If installed poorly, they can end up damaging your walls too.

Not Considering Functionality And Need Of Each Window

Maybe you have a fabric you like for your throw pillow and think it will be perfect as a drapery too. However, you’ll need to put forth more thought than that. Ask yourself if the curtains should be sheer or let more light inside, or if they need to be backed with a heavy fabric that helps keep out light so you can sleep more soundly. What kind of room will the window coverings go? Is it a room that wants a view or privacy?

These are considerations that need to be made for each room. Changing the use of your fabric for each window’s unique needs lets you get the most enjoyment out of them.

Going Too Big Or Too Small

A common mistake that pops up with window coverings is having them fitted improperly. Whenever you open your draperies, you want them to fold nicely along the sides of your window. The window itself shouldn’t be covered, but you don’t want the bare wall to show either.

Regarding length, you usually want them long enough so that they almost touch the floor – emphasis on “almost.” Having draperies on the floor is only acceptable in bedrooms where you won’t have any pets, and for giving a more romantic look.

Some people fear to put supporting hardware above the window, but that’s exactly what you should do. Try to put the hardware around one inch away from the ceiling or crown molding to make the windows look bigger and more stunning.

Not Considering Materials

There are window coverings that can be potentially deadly to children and pets. Also, in places like the kitchen, window coverings that are hard to clean aren’t ideal.

If your coverings are in a humid room, like the bathroom, the wrong choice of wood could end up warping the wood over time.

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